Atelier LPG or La Prochaine Génération (French for the next generation, kind of...)

Our story began with a spark of inspiration, ignited by memories of a ski trip to Meribel, France in the late 90s. Our small clothing brand was born out of a desire to combine a long-lasting love for design in general and clothing in particular, with our shared interest in sports, the nostalgia of 80s and 90s pop culture, and the freedom of the outdoors.

 Though our roots are in Sweden, our inspiration spans far and wide, especially drawing from vacations in France and our memories from the charming seaside villages, majestic alpine resorts, and the bustling cities. These varied experiences breathe life into our creations, designed to add a touch of joy to every adventure, whether it's a day out on the ski slopes, a playful afternoon in the playground, or a relaxed evening at home.

Every item is designed by us and brought to life through ethical and sustainable practices in Portugal. We pride ourselves on partnering with select small-scale manufacturers to ensure high quality and responsible production in every piece we offer.


We believe in taking care of the environment as well as the people we work with.

We also believe that one way to keep the manufacturing process sustainable in the long run is by making high quality items that last.

That is one of the reasons why we chose to work with European manufacturers only and use locally sourced fabric when possible.

To make sure that working conditions are at the highest level, we work with certified manufacturers and try to visit as often as possible.